Who can sleep out? Anyone with compassion and interest for a social cause and who is above the age of 18 years. Participants of 14 years and under may take part as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Participants under the age of 12 enter for free.

Is this safe? The location for this event is in a secure area and is surrounded by high fencing. Each participant will have their belongings checked when entering the grounds and their UTS pass cross referenced with a photo identification card. Unknown people and anyone without a pass will not be permitted on the grounds. Security guards will be on duty throughout the night and there will be 50 volunteers working to ensure the smooth running of the event and the comfort and safety of all involved. These volunteers will be easily identified by volunteer event t-shirts.

Do I have to sleep out with a group or can I attend solo? It is completely up to you. Take part as an individual, in a pair or get together with your family, friends or colleagues. We have reserved spaces available for corporate & general participants for the group of 15 and 25 people (visit our corporate registration page for more details). There will be plenty of volunteers there on the night to guide and assist you should you need anything and so there is no need to worry about attending by yourself or in a small group.

How do I sleep out? Register to sleep out by filling in the online registration form and making a payment of Rs.1,100/- to your chosen NGO or to the common pool option whereby your money will be divided equally across all the NGOs we are supporting. You can choose the NGO you wish to support by visiting this page . Alternatively you can also donate offline. Click here to know more 

What happens after I register online? You will be issued an event pass that will enable you to enter the grounds on the night of the 1st October. If you register online or through Bangalore Cares your 80g receipt and pass will be issued by India Cares (formerly Bangalore Cares). If you register directly to the NGO your 80g receipt will be issued by the NGO and pass by the event organisers.

What should I bring with me on the night? A picture identification card and your UTS pass, either displayed on your phone or a printed copy. All sleepers will need to bring their own roll mats/sleeping bags/pillows to the grounds. You are advised to dress warmly and wear plenty of layers as it will get cold during the night. You should also bring mosquito repellant/water proof and any other items that will increase your comfort. Please carry a water bottle as we cannot guarantee provision of sufficient drinking water to all participants.

What time should I arrive on the night? Anytime between 6pm and 10pm. You can register and then exit the grounds and return later. However, all participants must register and be in the grounds before 10pm. Should you be uncomfortable or do not wish to stay for the duration of the night you may of course leave when you wish. Volunteers will be there to assist you throughout the night should you wish to leave the grounds, they will also help you in finding transport if you do not come by car or bike.

Will there be food and drink available? There will be food counters set up at the grounds and refreshment stands. However, you may bring along your own food if you wish. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Is there anything I am not allowed to bring? Yes, we will not permit inflatable mattresses/tents or gazebos onto the grounds.

We strongly advise you to leave all your valuables at home as the event organisers will not be responsible for any losses or damages.

Hazardous items will not be permitted on the grounds and a security bag check will be conducted at the entry. The security reserves the right to remove/hold items that are deemed dangerous or inappropriate.

Alcohol is prohibited and will be confiscated at security check.

Will there be car and two wheeler parking? Yes, but this will be on a first come first serve basis with nominal parking fee.

Will there be a smoking area? Yes, but only in special designated areas.

Any queries : Please write to info@underthestars.in or call +918971784502

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/underthestars.in