The Sleep-Out Concept


The concept of a charity sleep-out is something which has been a successful method of awareness and fund-raising across the world, so we have decided to bring it to Bangalore!

Other examples of successful sleep-outs include Byte Night and Centrepoint’s sleepout, as well as the CEO sleep out. There is also Vinnie’s CEO sleepout in Australia. All of these events aim to raise awareness and funds for causes working towards the prevention of homelessness. They aim to give participants a tiny glimpse into the realities of homeless people, and a chance to challenge themselves to do something a little different!

Under the Stars will be held in a secure, safe space in Bangalore and will give Bangaloreans the chance to enjoy a sleepout with their friends and family, whilst raising some money for a great cause.  

For more information about this succesful concept, watch a few videos HERE