The Team and Governance

The idea for Under the Stars began in 2013, when Vicky, a Baale Mane Trust employee, had the idea of replicating the UK’s Byte Night in Bangalore. Due to the massive organisational requirements and overall cause, The Baale Mane Trust decided to make it a collaborative space where lots of NGOs could raise money for their own work, whilst raising awareness about homelessness in Bangalore and in India in a wider manner.

Under the Stars is co-organised by The Baale Mane Trust and RECAL Alumni Assocation, along with additional individual volunteers.

The 2015 team is –

Namitha, Saurabh, Richya, Emily, Jacob & Tiggy

Supported by –

India Cares, Rajan Narayanan, Daan Utsav and Ankit, Hemanth, Khushaali and Mani

The team are all volunteering their valuable time, although Tiggy and Emily are also working on Under the Stars as Baale Mane employees.

Under the Stars is not an organisation, it is an event. As such, we outsource our financial information and funds raised to India Cares, who ensure the highest levels of governance and transparency.

Anyone can join the team, so if you’d like to be involved, please email: