What is Under the Stars?

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WHY? Sleeping ‘Under The Stars’ is a romantic concept for one night, but for many children and adults in our city and across India who live without shelter, it is a harsh and very real way of life.

Whilst we do not expect to achieve an understanding of the everyday challenges of a persons life without shelter in just one night, the purpose of this event will be to raise awareness and raise funds for NGOs working toward the protection and service of the homeless.

Under The Stars will kick off the beginning of the annual giving festival Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) which happens every year between 2nd – 8th October.

WHERE AND WHEN? 1st October between 6pm and 6am at a location in Bangalore city (to be confirmed).

WHAT HAPPENS ON THE NIGHT? Participants must bring warm clothes and their own pillows, blankets and mats to be ready to sleep out for the night and will be allowed to enter the grounds from 6pm.

Cash food stalls will be available including traditional chaat, baked goods and tea and coffee. There will be bonfires in the field to keep you warm as the night air turns fresh, and performances from some of the beneficiary NGOs to keep you entertained.

If you are unable to stay for the entire night you will be assisted by one of our event volunteers to leave the grounds. If you do not have transport then the event volunteers will be able to get you a taxi home.

Please visit our FAQ page for more details on the event.